The Goal

The ultimate goal of the true spiritualist is Christ Consciousness- this is the real Holy Grail, the true wine of gladness poured out from above to that which is below, the unapproachable light that comes from within which starts from poorness of Spirit but ends in the entirety of the Kingdom of Heaven given to such, goes from mourning and wretchedness to unbelievable comforts and Holiness like the Majestic God (think Sermon on the Mount).  It is the fourth part of the sequence of Father to Son to Spirit to Individual as the fourth participant in the Divine Union with the Unction and the Oil of the Holy Spirit providing the flow of energy and life from one to another.  Having the mind of Christ and relationship with the Trinity creates the Quaternity which is the Holy Square, the foundation and essence to all personal reality, the ground floor from which we RISE!

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